Terms and Conditions


This contract between a buyer and seller consists of the information regarding the purchase given by the seller in the ordering section of the online shop (including e.g. information on the nature of the good, its quantity, quality, other properties, price and conditions of delivery), any direct correspondence between the parties (such as e-mail), as well as these Terms and Conditions.



  • Company name: Fabel Fashion AS

  • Company address: Kongsskogen 57, 1385 Asker Norway

  • E-mail:  Sigrid@fabelnorway.com

  • Telephone number: +47 977 31 791

  • Company registration number: 970 991 360 MVA

Buyer is the person who places the order.  


Fabel Fashion AS (Fabel) may charge the buyer for the good at the time it is sent from the seller to the buyer.  Only orders with authorized payment will be processed.If the buyer uses a credit card or debit card to make the payment, the seller may hold the funds on the card for the order for up to four days from the time the order is placed. If the seller has a particular need to require advance payment from the buyer, as is the case with goods that are to be manufactured or adapted for the buyer, the seller may require this. 

Delivery Time

Orders are normally dispatched within 1-3 work days. In Norway we use Posten/Bring. Buyer will get an email notification when the order has been dispatched. For buyers outside Norway, please get in touch to make shipment arrangements.


On international orders there may be additional import duties and taxes, and in some instances custom delays. Such events and charges are beyond our control and difficult for us to predict. Please contact your local customs office or shipping agent for additional information.


As a general rule it is only possible to order items in stock. It is possible to contact us directly to request new stock or pre-order.

Checking the good

When the buyer receives the good, it is recommended that he/she to a reasonable extent checks whether it corresponds with the order, whether it has been damaged during transport or if it is defective in any other way.

If the good does not correspond with the order or is defective, the buyer must notify the seller of this in a claim.


If received good is defective, the buyer must inform Fabel within a reasonable amount of time that he/she would like to make a defect claim. The time limit for this may never be less than two months from the time the consumer discovered the defect. The claim must, however, be made within two years from the time that the buyer took over the good. The notice to Heimigarden should be in writing.

In case of delay, a claim must be made to Fabel within a reasonable amount of time after the set time of delivery has arrived and the good is not delivered.  
The Norwegian Sale of Goods Act contain every detail we need to know on this matter.

The most important thing is that we establish contact. Fabel must be given the opportunity promptly receive any goods subject to claim and any packaging materials securely packaged for examination.

  • If the buyer establishes that any of the goods have not been delivered, or have been delivered damaged, or are not of the correct quantity, Fabel shall at its option, replace them with similar goods, or allow the buyer credit for their invoice value
  • If the buyer establishes that any of the goods are defective Fabel shall at its option, replace them with similar goods or allow the buyer credit for their invoice value.
  • In no circumstances shall the liability of Fabel to the buyer under this condition exceed the invoice value of the goods.
Returns and Cancellation

The buyer may change his/her mind and use the right of cancellation of the agreement according to the provisions of the Cancellation Act. A cancellation means that the buyer may return a good to Heimigarden without reason, even if it does not have any defects and even if it has not yet been delivered.

The buyer must inform Fabel that he/she will exercise this right within 14 days after the good, the prescribed information concerning the right, and the cancellation period form has been received. If the buyer receives the cancellation period form and the necessary information at a later time than the time of product delivery, the cancellation period will begin on the day that the buyer receives the cancellation period form and information. If the buyer has not received sufficient information or a cancellation period form, the cancellation period will expire three months after the good is received. If the buyer has not received any information about the right of cancellation at all, the period will be one year. 

For reasons of certification, the information from the buyer to Fabel concerning the exercise of the cancellation right should be in writing (cancellation period form, e-mail, fax or letter), and must contain information on how the buyer will return the good to the seller.

When the cancellation right is exercised, the good must be returned to the seller within a reasonable amount of time. The seller must pay back the entire purchase price of the good within 14 days of the day the seller receives the good or a note/slip to collect the good, or the good is placed at the seller’s disposal. The seller may not set fees for the buyer’s use of the cancellation right, although the seller may require that the buyer pay the costs associated with returning the good. 

The buyer may check the good before he/she cancels the purchase. However, the good must be deliverable to the seller in approximately the same condition and quantity as it was when the buyer received it. The buyer should return the good to the seller in its original packaging, if possible.

Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We do not sell or rent the information you provide us to anyone.

Product Specifications

Fabel reserve the right to alter specifications to those stated on the website, including slight differences in colour, shade and size. The buyer's statutory rights will not be affected.